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26、As we grow older,the level of some hormones in our bodies begins to decline_____,we begin to grow old as our body shuts down hormone production.
A、Or  else      B、Or rather       C、In addition   D、In conclusion
27、Animals and people blind from birth have a regular body clock than.in many studies, has been shown to ________just over 24 hours a day.
A、run               B、gain              C、average         D、say
28、This isolated perserve is the least visited of the region’s redwood parks as some local residents have taken down signs in order to ______visitors.
A、attract          B、admit            C、guide     D、discourage
29、I couldn’t afford to get tickets for the concert so I decided to watch the ______broadcast on TV.
A、living          B、live               C、lively             D、alive
30、The couple had a luxury car with every______;leather seats .GPS ,and even a TV in the back.
A、delight         B、comfort         C、surprise                D、security
31、Many friendships _______simply because one person demands too much of the other.
A、breaks out           B、breaks away               C、breaks down              D、breaks in
32、Men are more likely to buy the first thing that fits while women ______purchases the first thing they pick up.
A、rarely            B、actually                C、usually                 D、similarly
33、You’d better_______your steps so that you know how far you have gone.
A、mind             B、quicken         C、follow           D、count
34、Music can reduce pain by making our bodies produce natural pain ______.
A、relievers        B、responders          C、reviewers            D、reminders
35、His latest trip is an _______walk across the Sahara desert. That means,without any people to help him.
      A、unfortunate       B.unavailable      C.unconscious     D.unsupported
26、B    题干的意思是,随着我们年纪的增长,我们体内的荷尔蒙数量也会随之降低。更确切地说,我们是随着我们体内荷尔蒙产量的越来越少而越来越老态。A的意思是“否则,要不然”,B的意思是“更确切地说”,C的意思是“补充地说”,D的意思是“综上所述”。
27、A    题干的意思是,生来就聋的动物和人的生物钟非常有规律,它们显示一天24个小时都在运转,这一点被很多实验证明过。钟表运转只能是run。
28、A    题干的意思是,当当地居民为了吸引游客而做下记号之后,地方红杉公园中那块孤远的禁地就成了最后一个被游览的区域了。本空要填进“吸引”的含义。
29、B    题干的意思是我拿不到音乐会的门票所以我决定看现场直播,live表示直播的意思。
30、B    题干的意思是,那对夫妇有一辆非常豪华奢侈的舒适的小车,羽毛坐垫,GPS导航,甚至车厢内还有电视设备。
31、B   题干的意思是,一方对另一方要求太多导致很多朋友关系很轻易就分崩离析了Break out 是爆发的意思,break away是分裂、分离的意思,break down是失败、衰弱的意思,break in是打断的意思。
32、A   题干的意思是,男人很可能买下他们第一次看中的认为合适的东西,而女人就很少买下她们第一次就挑选好的东西。有转折的意思在题中,所以只能选表示否定含义的副词,rarely表示“很少”
33、D  题干的意思是,你最好数一下你的步子,这样就能知道自己走了多远。
34、B   题干的意思是,音乐能通过使我们的身体产生自然的疼痛反应来减轻我们的痛苦。
35、D   题干的意思是,他最后一次旅行是徒步穿行撒哈拉沙漠,那就意味着没有任何交通工具、没有获得任何人的帮助。从后文可知,应该空格填“没有帮助的”。Unfortunate 是不幸的意思,unavailable是没有的价值的意思,unconscious是没有知觉的意思,unsupported是没有支援的意思。

     In India, almost all marriages are arranged. Even among the educated middle classes in modern, urban India, marriage is as much a concern of the families as it is of the individuals. So customary is the practice of arranged marriage that there is a special name for a marriage which is not 46arranged: It is called a "love match."
    On my first field trip to India, I met many young men and women whose parents were in the process of "getting them married." In many cases, the bride and groom would not meet each other before the marriage. At most they might meet for a 47briefconversation, and this meeting would take place only after their parents had decided that the match was 48suitable. Parents do not compel their children to marry a person who either marriage partner finds objectionable. But only after one match is refused will another be sought.
    As a young American woman in Indian for the first time, I found this custom of arranged marriage oppressive. How could any intelligent young person 49agree to such a marriage without great reluctance? It was50contrary to everything I believed about the importance of romantic love as the only basis of a happy marriage. It also classed with my strongly held notions that the choice of such an intimate and permanent relationship could be made only by the individuals involved. Had anyone tried to arrange my marriage, I would have been defiant and(51)rebellious!
At the first opportunity, I began, with more curiosity than tact, to question the young people I met on how they felt about this practice. Sita, one of my young informants, was a college graduate with a degree in political science. She had been waiting for over a year while her parents were arranging a match for her. I found it difficult to accept the docile manner in which this well-educated young woman awaited the outcome of a process that would(52) result in her spending the rest of her life with a man she hardly knew, a virtual stranger,(53) picked out by her parents.
Care,”she answerd.”This is why I must let my parents choose a boy for me .My marriage is too important to be arranged by such an inexperienced person as myself.In such matters,it is better to have my parernts” (55guidance
46、A、matched           B、decided       C、concerned            D、arranged
47、A、brief                   B、frequent       C、regular                 D、basic
48、A、comfortable       B、convernient   C、suitable                D、satisfied
49、A、agree                   B、resort            C、exchange           D、devote
50、A、customary           B、remarkable    C、objective              D、contrary
51、A、ambitious            B、hateful          C、rebellioust          D、disgusting
52、A、come from          B、result from    C、let  out              D、result in
53、A、picked  out      B、picked  up   C、taken up             D、taken out
54、A、encounter           B、favor             C、marry                 D、join
55、A、blessing            B、guidance     C、fortune               D、Wish







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